I'm making the music for "Elf Story 2" and go love Eric.

2013-03-27 20:55:50 by Killerkb

I'm pretty sure most of you people played the awesome and popular game "Elf Story". A (somewhat) tricky but brutal point-n-click action adventure game, with multiple choice murder and some suh-weeeet animation that goes with it. I'm talking blood and gore at its finest!
Created by the man himself Mexipino, that's right. Go check him out.
The guy that brought you some of the classics, like Stick Dude Killing Arena, part 2, 3a and 3b included. Check his other movies right here.
The guy that brought you games like Creative Kill Chamber and Experiment 51. Oh and that reminds me, part 2 is out now as well and it features my song Glass Floor. Go check that stuff over here.
As a matter of fact, go check all of his games.

However, if you haven't played Elf Story yet, shame on you!
In that case go right here and have some fun!

Anyway, I'm happy to announce (for those who didn't know yet), that "Elf Story Part 2", will soon be in production.
I'll be doing the music for it, so expect some grimy and dark tunes, while you're slashing up your enemies. (Or whatever Eric has in store for us)
I for one, CANNOT wait, for this to be finished. I totally loved part 1.

Kevin (King Kilo)


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2013-04-02 02:00:16

This is awesome.

Haha, thanks for the shoutout man!

Killerkb responds:

Hey no problem, you deserve it!


2013-04-02 02:01:36

Oops.... There was a bug on the submit button.... Uh, feel free to delete the extra bs I just posted 6 times lol

Killerkb responds:

Hahaha, taken care of.